How To Detox From Drugs In 24 Hours

How To Pass A Drug Test In 24 Hours,

I am not a medical professional, make sure that if you have any questions regarding any of these supplements to ask a health care professional at a drug treatment center. This is just what I used, and in my own opinion they worked!

Here is a breakdown of the products I used, all can be found at CVS, WALGREENS, VITAMIN SHOPPE, GNC.
Obviously for the 24 hours remain toxin free and follow these instructions in the video!

Detoxify Brand – MEGA CLEAN
Detoxify Brand – XXtra CLEAN
– Both are herbal cleanse with meta-boost or Ginseng Xtract.
Fiber Therapy Pills
Niacin 500 Mg
B-12 1000 Mg
B-6 100 Mg
Asprin 81Mg

Hopefully this video can help you, leave a comment below if you have any additional methods that have worked for you.

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Stay lifted everyone! (Don’t if you have to “detoxify”)